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Documentary Family Photography. What the hell does that mean?

Remember that time when you woke up & got dressed in a white shirt & blue jeans & you stepped out into the kitchen to have breakfast & whoa! Your whole family was wearing the exact same thing? Yeah, me neither.

When you say the words ‘family photography’, a lot of people think about families dressed all matching & nice, maybe you have the sun setting behind you & every one is all stiffly posed & looking at the camera. It’s kind of uncomfortable because your husband doesn’t want to be there & he kind of feels a bit silly sitting there. The kids, they really don’t want to be there – they’re all wriggly & they don’t want to smile. And you just want some nice pictures of your family together, damn it, & everyone is hating it. Documentary family photography is the complete opposite of that.

Documentary photography captures you just the way you are at this particular time of life. You go about your day & I photograph you living. There isn’t any direction from me, there’s no need to tell the kids to ‘just stop moving & smile!’ There’s no need for matching clothes or a home straight out of Pinterest. We’re talking about real life here – dirty dishes & all.


I offer the following sessions:

Normal Day Sessions

documentary family photography

Life isn’t static. It’s constantly moving & changing. Phases of your life that you think will last forever(bottles, nappies, tantrums!), blink your eyes & they’ve come to an end.

Every family has a story worth telling. It’s not just those big moments that deserve to be documented so that they can be re-lived over & over. It’s those normal everyday things – the mundane, the mess, the chaos, the beautiful & the gritty – the hundreds & thousands of little everyday things that are part of your story, that shape you.

A Normal Day session will give you more than just pretty pictures to hang up on your wall. You will be shown who you are, without all of the filters & the props & the forced ‘pretty’. You’ll be given your story, your history, made up of all of those tiny little things that you don’t notice during the grind of every day. You will be able to see your lives as they are, how your imperfections are what actually make you perfect, how you have lived & how you have loved – your way.

They’re available as a shorter session or as a full day, documenting your family at least one full day of your life – from the moment the first person in your family wakes up, to the last person being tucked in to bed. I will spend a whole day with you & your family – through the mad rush of the morning, through to school drop offs, supermarket runs, a sneaky coffee at your favourite cafe, the dinner time chaos, bedtime routine & lights out(& everything else in between!)
Normal Day sessions are ideal for families at any stage of their lives – with young kids, older kids, teenagers, expecting a new baby, or couples of any age.
You’ll get:
  • I’ll spend time with your family(a minimum of 2 hours) at your home as you go about living a normal day
  • all gallery images on USB
  • your choice of 9×9 or 8×12 softcover book of your family story with a selection of photos from your gallery


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Fresh 48 Sessions

documentary family photography

Welcoming a new baby into your life is no small feat. It is full of highs & lows. Those early days, from when your baby is first placed into your arms, is when you start learning to become a parent – it’s all of those little steps put together that shape you. Your baby is so, so small & yet they have just become the biggest thing in your lives.

You want to hold on to it all forever, to remember every little thing – the way that it felt to feel that soft hours-old skin against your skin, that awkward juggle of baby & bra & breast when giving those first few feeds, the way your hands looked so huge as you wrapped your baby tightly(the way your midwife showed you to) in their new blanket, the one that you hope they will love & carry around with them as they grow. Let’s not even start with those tiny little fingers & toes, cute little nose & those full pouty little lips.
Fresh 48 sessions take place within the first 48 hours of your baby’s life & capture those raw early moments when everything is so fresh & new – your baby, the nappy changes, the feeding, the emotions. The love. Pretty much everything is different. When all those memories fade away in a haze of time & no sleep, you will be able to look at your collection of photos & go back to that moment.

You’ll get :

  • I’ll spend 45 minutes with your immediate family at the place of birth
  • All edited gallery images on USB
  • 6×6 softcover book of your family story with a selection of photos from your gallery

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Breastfeeding Sessions


Breastfeeding is something that deserves to be documented & celebrated. You have been through struggles to get to where you are now – whether you are feeding a fresh newborn, an 8 month old baby or a toddler/older child nearing the last of his breastfeeding days. You’ve been through pain, worries that your baby isn’t getting enough, that you’re not doing it right, waking up at ridiculous hours to pump milk. Both you & your baby had to work hard to learn this skill. It deserves more than a few blurry selfies on your phone.

Breastfeeding sessions aren’t all about your boobs. They’re about the bond you have with your child, documenting this fleeting phase of mother & baby/toddlerhood. Documenting your feeding routine so that you will never forget it – how you needed to have a glass of water by your sideĀ  because you got thirsty as all hell while you were feeding, how your baby would catch the ends of your hair in their fingers & twirl it as they fed. The way your toddler would only feed if you sat on the floor or how they wouldn’t let go of their toy car & run it over your chest & arms as they fed.

Breastfeeding sessions take place in your home, wherever you would normally feed your child.
You’ll get:
  • I’ll spend 45 minutes with you & your little one as you feed
  • 15 edited gallery images of your choice on USB
  • 6×6 soft cover book of your breastfeeding story with a selection of photos from your gallery

Let’s have a chat about your options, documentary style photography or to book your session. Here’s how:
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You can create your own custom package by adding prints(regular & fine art), as well as additional albums & album upgrades.

To book your session or for more information, you can contact me via email at or via the contact form.

Natasha Kelly

Documentary Family Photographer

Melbourne – Australia – Worldwide