Hi, I’m Natasha.

I’m a wife & mother of three crazy, funny(& stubborn!) kids. And I’m a photographer.

Born & bred in Melbourne, I’ve made my home in the Western Suburbs surrounded by family & old friends.

I’m a story teller. A documentarian. I see the stories in our every day.

Every family has a story & that story is made up of so much more than just the BIG things like weddings & births. Their stories are made up of all the hundreds & thousands of little every day things. The mess, the chaos, the mundane, the beautiful bright moments, the grit & the ugly. The unnoticed.

Time moves way too fast & all of these little things that are part of our mundane every day, one day they’ll be gone. Replaced by a new normal.

I want to remember all of those little tiny things that make up LIFE. I want to pass those memories on to my children, to create their own history book, in real time. Not to have them have to dig around & try to unearth things years & years down the track. I want us all to be able to clearly see who we really were when we look back. And I think that every family deserves to have this too.

Natasha Kelly is a natural light, international documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She is a co-founder of Sham of The Perfect & The Documentary Department. Natasha specialises in photographing families – all shapes, sizes, varieties & stages – in their homes, as well as in-hospital Fresh 48 newborn & breastfeeding sessions. She has studied with documentary photographer, Sam Abell & follows the philosophy that reality is enough.

A natural story-teller, Natasha’s photos are raw & honest. It’s not a love of photography that drives her to do what she does, but a love of families & being able to show them what they have.


Sham of the Perfect – Co-founder & contributor


Mozi Magazine – Child & Family Edition, August 2015

Click Magazine, September/October 2016

Holl & Lane, Issue 10, 2016


SHOOT! group exhibition – Melbourne Arts Club, April 2015

SHOOT V2, group exhibition – Melbourne Arts Club, March 2016

Voice Collection, group exhibition – Seattle, October 2016


The Voice 2016 – Best in Category, Movement

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